Spare5 Pays for Random Everyday Photos – Review

Earn with Spare5
Earn with Spare5

I recently discovered a plethora of websites out there that pay you for doing really random simple things. Throughout the last week or two, I’ve been actively testing some of them out, using my spare time to earn a few ringgit whenever I had the chance. One of my favourites so far is Spare5.

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links. This means that if you register for Spare5 and earn using any of these links, we both get a bonus from them.

What is Spare5?

Spare5 pays you for completing simple tasks. These micro-tasks go towards building Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms that will take over the world – sooner than you think.

Today is, coincidentally, the day my husband and I got together. Almost didn’t need my Google Calendar to remind me about it. [Source: MemeCentre]

The basic idea of Spare5 is that if you have some 5 minutes to spare, you load the app or website, do a little something, and earn a little bit of money.

What Type of Tasks Are Available on Spare5?

The tasks available on Spare5 that I’ve had the chance to perform are:

  • taking photos of random things like a piece of ginger, crib, toys, traffic lights, road signs
  • drawing the outline of objects like cars, lampposts, roads, and bushes, and tagging them on photos taken by those road mapping cars you have seen around
Isolating elements on Spare5

I’ve read that there are a variety of different tasks available, but so far I’ve only had the chance to be assigned those two types I mentioned above.

Other tasks other people (Fives) have been assigned:

  • identify what sport is being portrayed on a photo
  • judge whether a photo contains a specific object or not – eg. Do you see a dog in this photo? Y/N

How Much Does Spare5 Pay?

Tasks pay US$0.01 to US$0.25. Here’s a screenshot from the app that will give you a rough idea of what you’ll earn from each task.

Spare5 Tasks
The Spare5 mobile app pays RM0.80 for a photo of a school bus!
Other tasks available on the Spare5 website
Other tasks available on the Spare5 website

As for any doubts that you might have as to the legitimacy of Spare5, don’t fret. They pay promptly every Friday. The best thing about it is, minimum payout is US$1, and you can accumulate this pretty quickly. I’ve been on Spare5 since March 24th (I’m writing this on April 3rd) and I’ve earned US$15.62 so far.


What’s Awesome About Spare5

  • They pay promptly
  • They pay via Paypal – none of those useless gift cards and what not
  • Minimum cashout is US$1 – which is easily accumulated
  • Tasks are easy-peasy
  • Tasks take less than a minute to do
  • Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit
  • Great way to introduce the concept of work to a child
  • Tasks can be done anywhere. It’s available on the web and mobile, so whether sitting down or out grocery shopping, you have a chance to just load it up and get tasking
  • Great way for the Stay-at-home-mum/dad to earn a little bit of money doing random things
  • They pay for one photo of each object. This means that if you take 2 photos of your 2 cribs, they pay you for 2 photos. If you take photos of 5 different traffic lights, you earn the amount for 5 photos.
Teaching children the value of money
Teaching children the value of money – No darling… you cannot pay the Uncle with your Monopoly money.

If you have a child, why not useSpare5 to introduce the concept of ‘work’ to them? It’s also a great activity to do with your child. You can treat it like a treasure hunt and they have the chance to earn a little bit of pocket money as well.

What Could be Better on Spare5?

  • Some tasks can be quite tedious, especially those that involve outlining roads, or drawing for vehicles
  • Sometimes there’s a lull on the website where you have any tasks to perform

Want to Register for Spare5?

All you need is a verified Paypal account. Really. That’s it. And you probably have to be above a certain age, but I’m not sure what it is.

If you register via this link, you get a bonus of US$1 for every US$10 you make. I make some extra too, at no cost to you.

So that’s more or less it. If you have any questions, just drop me a comment. Happy earning!

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