Experience Kampung Life at Kamo Homestay, Sauk (容县七号 ( 谢绝参观 )) – What’s Cool? What’s Not?

What the experience is all about

Kamo Homestay Sauk, Perak
Kamo Homestay Sauk, Perak [Source: FB]

This home has become such a lovely attraction in the sleepy town of Sauk, Perak (named A Village of Life and Longevity, in Chinese). The home was passed down from the owner’s grandfather and decorated lovingly, with a lot of heart, using nostalgic fixtures from days gone by. A place to go with friends over a weekend, to relax, and hang out. It isn’t fancy, but it’s a place where memories are built and shared.

What You Get

Available lodging options: 1 village home (3 rooms)

Bathroom options: Bathrooms come with fresh, cold water from the mountain.

Cheapest option: RM50 /person /night

Kamo Homestay Sauk, Perak
Kamo Homestay Sauk, Perak [Source: FB]

Most expensive option: RM50 /person /night

Meal arrangements:  Not included.

Day trips available: No

What can we do there?
Visit the village of Sauk, eat fresh water catches, watch spectacular sunrise with the river and mountains as a backdrop, visit Lake Raben, cycling around town

Lake Raben, Sauk, Perak
Lake Raben, Sauk, Perak [Source: FB]


What people love: Relaxed environment, ‘kampung’ vibe, retro feel of home, sunrise over Sauk, Lake Raben, great host

What people wish were different: Nothing, really. Great as is.

Experience levels if you go for the most basic option shown in table below:

Adventure LevelMinimum
Nature ImmersionMinimum
Cultural ImmersionMedium
Relaxation LevelMedium
Roughing itMinimum
Suitable for young children?Yes, absolutely!
Mobile connectivityYes

Location & Contact

Location: 7, Kampung Baru Sauk, 33500 Sauk, Perak

URL: www.facebook.com/Kamohome

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