Eco-Friendly Experience at The Plantation Project – What’s Cool? What’s Not?

What the experience is all about

The Plantation Project is an eco-friendly resort located deep in the heart of Pahang’s tropical forest. It boasts of facilities and the perfect environment to host events that revolve around building and strengthening relationships within groups of friends, families, and team members.

In the spirit of being eco-friendly, The Plantation Project runs on solar power, and guests are educated on the concept of saving electricity by the limitation of the use of high consumption appliances. Enjoy living on a fruit farm, including the pleasure of picking and eating fruits fresh off the trees.

Unlike common hotels, The Plantation Project’s lodgings include open sleeping areas and living halls that encourage group living and connectivity. It runs on sustainable solar power and uses a chemical free water filtration system to ensure sustainability and to conserve the natural surroundings.

Do note that this experience is only suitable for bigger groups of people. The Plantation Project caters to bookings for a minimum of 10 people in a group.

Eco Friendly Living at The Plantation Project
Eco Friendly Living at The Plantation Project [Source: Agoda]

What You Get

Available lodging options: From basic tents to loft style lodging

Bathroom options: All options come with shared bathrooms

Cheapest option: RM1980 /night (10 pax) in The Holiday Home (comes with breakfast)

The Holiday Home at The Plantation Project
The Holiday Home at The Plantation Project [Source: Agoda]

Most expensive option: RM3168 /night (16 pax) in The Cube (comes with breakfast)

Meal arrangements: Each option comes with breakfast and a complete kitchen (no fridge) and barbecue, where all other meals can be prepared by guests

Day trips available: No

What can we do there? Swim in the pool, wild fire barbecue, team sports, star gazing, wading in the river, visiting farms, rubber tree estates, palm tree estates, learning about green technology, experience farming, water tubing, fishing, cycling, fruit picking

Pool at The Plantation Project
Pool at The Plantation Project [Source: Agoda]
Star gazing at The Plantation Project
Star gazing at The Plantation Project [Source: Agoda]


What people love: (Not enough reviews online)

What people wish were different: (Not enough reviews online)

Experience levels if you go for the most basic option shown in table below:

Adventure LevelMedium
Nature ImmersionMedium
Cultural ImmersionMinimum
Relaxation LevelMedium
Roughing itMedium
Suitable for young children?Yes, absolutely!
Mobile connectivityNone – You’ll actually have to *gasp*…talk

Location & Contact

Location: Lot 2767, Mukim of Sabai, 28700 Bentong


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