50 Really Random Acts Challenge

A few months ago, I came up with the ‘Don’t Lose It Challenge” because I was tired of losing my temper when dealing with my toddler.

50 Really Random Acts Challenge
Click image to make partner happy happy happy!

Today, I’m inviting you (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) to participate in my “50 Really Random Acts Challenge”.

What is this about?

Twice a week (Wednesday and Friday), I’ll be emailing you a random action to be acted upon – It’s all about making the other feel loved and appreciated.

Note: You do not have to respond that you’ve completed every challenge. Instead, I would be over the moon if you posted a photo on your social media account (Instagram/FB/Twitter) with the hashtag #50ReallyRandomThings on those you feel comfortable sharing.

50 Really Random Acts by MalaysianFamilies

Random acts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Buy a surprise milo/teh/kopi ping for your partner today.
  • Send photo to your partner of yourself putting deodorant on with the message, “I want to smell good for you, sayang.”

Why join this challenge?

I could cite divorce statistics in Malaysia, and show you graphs and tables to scare the shit out of you, but I won’t.

Instead, I’m just going to say this: Won’t it be nice to do something really random that will make your partner smile?

Most of us are caught up with our busy schedules, making sure there’s food on the table, getting our kids ready for school, rushing to pick them up from tuition, among other things, that we sometimes ‘forget’ to show appreciation. We’re also a tired, tired bunch. So it’s totally understandable that sometimes it just doesn’t cross our minds to take a minute for a hug.

Also, not all of us are born romantics. Some of us are SUPER ROMANTIC – but only on Valentine’s Day. But for the rest of the year, we go back to being a cold, hard, robot.

50 Really Random Acts Challenge

So here. Click on the image above or here to be redirected to a registration page, which is on Mailchimp (because I don’t know how to design something that looks like that on WordPress). I know. I really need to work on my skills. 

This challenge is open until I decide it isn’t. Join anytime till then.

Lastly, and I know this goes without saying, but, if you know someone else who would benefit from this challenge, SHARE SHARE SHARE.

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